Lounge Suites

In our time in the industry we have seen an influx of imported furniture. So people often ask ‘is it worth recovering their suite’ or ‘they are not sure which way to go’. The money put into re-covering their existing suite is such an investment and at times hard to justify.

We understand that.

The amount of fabric needed on a three piece lounge suite added to the cost to have it recovered puts it around the cost of a new one, but we believe you get so much more quality taking the ‘good bones’ of your existing suite and having it professionally covered in quality fabrics.

We can also tweak the style of the suite and up- date it at the same time.

We will also often address the sagging webbing in older suites as well as new seating foam, coupled with raising the height of the legs on the suite to give an overall better posture and ease of getting on and off the suite making it as good as new. We have a great range of furniture legs and feet to offer to enhance the look of your suite as well.

What Next?

If you would like more information about new covers for your furniture, please contact us