Frequently Asked Questions

I just don’t know where to start with my furniture or my décor, can you help?
You just start with a phone call. I’ll take care of the rest. How about we set up a time for me to come and see your home and furniture. I’ll help with colours, design ideas, fabrics and tying the furniture in with the room.
Do you do dining chairs?
Yes and so much more. I do all furniture recovery from small stools to full lounge suites?
Do you do repairs?
I will certainly look at repairs and see if we can fix the problem. If I feel it is needing more specialised attention than I can provide, then I would refer you on to a more suitable business.
Do you do the polishing too?
Other than touching a chair up with a light oiling where appropriate, I pass on all major wood repair and polishing to Cartmill and Parish here in Tauranga.
Do you do free quotes?
Yes! If you live locally you can drop an item in for a consultation and quote, or I could visit you at home and discuss options, or you could email me and attach pictures of your furniture with details of your wants and needs.
Do I have to supply my own foam?
No! We have everything you need for your furniture to be completed. You simply bring us your item of furniture or tell us your needs, pick some fabric and we will do the rest.
Do you have fabrics?
Yes we do. We have a great range of fabrics from over 7 different current fabric houses, including Warwick, James Dunlop, Textilia, Villa Textiles, Hemptech, Charles Parsons, Unique Fabrics and also Tasman Leathers. You can view them in the shop and you can borrow samples to take home.
If I have my own fabric is that ok?
Yes. We are still happy to do the work on your furniture only, with the customer supplying their own fabric.
I was thinking of maybe getting some nice new legs put on my furniture. Can you help with that?
Yes. We have a range of furniture legs and catalogues that you can choose from to enhance your furniture. Adele has great ideas to help with that.
I’m not good with colours and decisions, can you help me?
Absolutely. Adele loves doing just that. Tell her a little of what is going on around the piece of furniture you are wanting recovered and bring in some things to show what colours are in your home. Want a change? No problem. Get Adele in for a free, no obligation consultation.
Can I use my old foam to save money?
Whenever possible Adele tries to help the customer with cost saving, but sometimes it is just time to get fresh foam as this produces good results and refreshes the memory of the foam. We would need to judge each job separately.
I think braid is old fashioned. What other trims can you do?
Adele would be happy to discuss other suitable trims such as double French piping and antique studs.
Do you just do furniture?
We also recover motor home seating, make window seat squabs, make fitted loose covers for furniture, scatter cushions, caravan squabs, customised headboards and ottomans.
Do you make furniture from scratch?
Apart from headboards for beds and ottomans or footstools we don’t manufacture furniture. Emperors Footstool is essentially an upholstery business. We recover existing furniture and make some small custom made items.
Do you recover antique furniture?
Adele specialises in antique recovery. Vintage furniture is a passion of Adele’s and so takes pride in such things as deep buttoning and antique stud finishing and has an appreciation for period pieces.
Do you work in leather or only fabric?
Yes we do work in leather and also faux leather (or leather look vinyl’s ) which are very popular now. Adele is very competent in working with leather and works with a number of leather suppliers such as Tasman Leather here in New Zealand. We also have a great range of faux leather samples for you to choose from. We can supply leather straight to the customer.
I see pictures of great headboards in magazines. Are you able to help me with that?
Yes. We have sample headboards in the shop for you to choose from or get ideas. If you’ve seen a picture in a magazine, show us. We can create you an upholstered headboard custom made to your specifications. We have plenty of ideas.
Do you sell upholstery supplies?
Yes. Come and see us. We can help the DIY upholsterers with their needs and if we can’t help we will tell you who can.
What can I do about cat scratching marks on my furniture?
That is best answered on a cases by case basis, but usually we can come up with a solution to remove or cover over the work of a frustrated moggy.
Do you make arm covers?
Yes we can. We need access to the furniture arm in question so we can take a pattern. If you have some spare fabric the same as the chair, that’s great. Otherwise we could source something similar. We can also make headrest covers too.
Do you do upholstery cleaning?
No. That is the job of a carpet/upholstery cleaner. Look up the number for a reputable carpet cleaner in your phone book and check that they can also do furniture? Other wise vacuum your furniture regularly and spot clean problem areas with water only and a clean cloth. Your furniture may have fabric cleaning instructions attached to the underside of the chair from the manufacturer. Follow these closely. Cover area of furniture that have high exposure to sun and also pet hair.
Do you make cushions too?
Yes. We can make cushion covers of all shapes and forms and also table runners or throws to complement you job.
I want loose covers made for my suite. I thought that might be a cheaper option than recovering it? Is that true?
It takes about the same amount of fabric to make fitted loose covers for an item of furniture than it takes to fully recover it. Even though the item of furniture does not require being stripped as in recovery, it takes a similar amount of time in labour to make such customised covers to the level that Adele does. We suggest you think about why you want covers. If you just want to cover something old up, this may not be an economical way to go. If however you want the ‘look’ that covers specifically give to your furniture and want to go down that track, then this is a wonderful option and Adele specialises in fitted loose covers. Talk through the options more thoroughly with us.
What’s the difference between real leather and bonded or bi-cast leather?
Real leather is taken from the top layer of the hide of an animal, tanned, sometimes corrected for imperfections and coloured. Bonded leather is reconstituted leather scraps as a backing to a vinyl covering and a coloured and lacquered top layer, much like turning wood pulp into paper. Bi-cast leather has not been taken from the top layer of the hide but instead is from the hide being split into two or more layers. This leather is then called Bi-cast leather.

If you have a question not listed here, please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to discussing your upholstery requirements with you.

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